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The Birzman Diversity 17 Multi Tool offers the performance that its name suggests; it is very diverse in what it can achieve. Featuring 17 functions in a compact and convenient package, it provides the rider with solutions for tightening bolts, breaking chains, changing tubes and with inclusion of the CO2 air adaptor, inflating tubes and tubeless setups.

As versatile as it is compact, the high-polymer constructed body houses the chrome-vanadium tools snugly and safely for simple storage and immediate deployment. The Birzman Diversity 17 Multi Tool is a pocket-friendly and multi-functioning tool fir for any kit bag or workshop.

“Our biggest surprise was the integrated CO2 valve head. It works well, and the spring-loaded head does a decent job of controlling airflow too. At 180g and just over 100mm in length, this is a handy tool to stow in your pack.”  - MBUK

Birzman Diversity 17 Multitool (17 Functions)

    • - Hex keys 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8mm
    • - Torx key T25
    • - Crosshead screwdriver #1
    • - Flathead screwdriver 4.5
    • - Chain rivet extractor (8-12 speed, 3/32 "single speed)
    • - Spoke wrenches 3.2/3.4
    • - Chain hook
    • - Tire Lever Set  (Spoke hook / air release knob for Schrader valves)
    • - CO2 valve head (Presta/Schrader) compatible with threaded cartridges
    • Functions : 17
    • Material : High polymer (body),CrV (tools), Alloy Steel (chain tool)
    • Size :100 x 46 x 24mm
    • Weight : 178g
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