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Looking for best selling Lumina™ series in a smaller and lighter package? Look no further than Micro 900. NiteRider® makes this headlight USB rechargeable for convenient on-the-go charging. Another feature of note on the 900, Intellicharge™, which reduces your charge time in half—giving you more time riding and less time waiting. Its light weight at 130 grams makes it quite suitable as a helmet mountable option as well as bar compatible—standard and oversized 35mm diameters.

NITERIDER Lumina™ Micro 900 Bike Headlight

SKU: NR-7700
Out of Stock
  •   Lumen Output: 900

      5 Modes with Run Times: 2:00 – 60:00hrs

      Charge Time: 2:30 / 4:30hrs

      Weight: 130g

      Battery: Li-Ion

    •  Low Battery Indicator
    •  Micro USB Rechargeable
      Compact and Lightweight
      Water / Dust Resistant IP64 Rated 

  • Low - 11:00h at 200 Lumens
    Med - 4:30h at 450 Lumens
    High - 2:00h at 900 Lumens
    Flash - 11:00h at 900 Lumens
    Walk - 60:00h at 30 Lumens

    *Run time specifications may vary

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