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The new Comfort Booster, branded and patented by Selle Italia, are designed and manufactured in highly comfortable material to ensure the best possible experience on the bike.

Unlike the normal saddle covers on the market, the Comfort Booster by Selle Italia has been made with a perfectly elastic material that allows you to wrap uniformly and precisely the entire surface of the saddle giving an elegant appearance to the product and avoiding annoying side slips. The cover is also completely “Water Resistant” and, therefore, perfectly washable by hand after every training or after every bike adventure.

Finally, the Comfort Booster is perfectly compatible with any saddle (Road and Off-Road) and is available in three different sizes (S, M and L) to suit all different saddle sizes.


  • Water Resistant: perfectly water resistant thanks to the innovative material that covers the product
  • Comfortable: the most effective and fastest way to increase the comfort of your saddle
  • Perfectly Fitting: made of elastic material that adapts perfectly to the shape of the saddle


  • ModelsMeasures (mm)Weight (g)
    Selle Italia – Comfort Booster LW 230 mm x L 270 mm250g
    Selle Italia – Comfort Booster MW 200 mm x L 270 mm225g
    Selle Italia – Comfort Booster SW 170 mm x L 270 mm200g


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