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A Uncage Side Draw Bottle Cage and Repair Kit combination.

Featuring a symmetrical design that allows for assembly according to handedness, the Uncage Side Draw Bottle Cage is both a right-hand and a left-hand use bottle cage.

The unique chamfered edge ensures the ease to remove and replace the bottle while riding while also providing a secure bottle retention of bottles ranging from ⌀72mm to ⌀78mm and length of 250mm and under.

The bottle cage is equipped with a bracket at the rear end for attachment with Birzman Uncage Repair Kit (BM17-UNCAGE-RP-KIT). Simply swap the bracket to the other end when changing sides.

The set includes a Velcro strap which wraps snugly around the Repair Kit to carry additional inner tube and tire levers.

Birzman DNA

Activate Valve Function

BIRZMAN Uncage Side Draw Bottle Cage Combo Kit

  • Material : High polymer

    Weight : 220g

    Includes : 1 x E-Grip valve head, 2 x 16g CO2 cartridges,1 x Velcro strap

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