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  • Uniquely formulated synthetic leather, through a special process, shows the metal brushed surface and retains moderate elasticity. Under the refraction of natural light, it presents a low-key but rich matte color finish.
  • Multi-layer, laminated, varying density foam offers progressive shock absorption and vibration damping to minimize fatigue.
  • Highly elastic and lightweight organic adhesive will not leave residue on the handlebars to ease installation and adjustment.
  • Reusable, expanding locking bar plugs are reliable and resistance to falling out.
  • Highly elastic finishing tape does not deform, degrade of soften in extreme temperature and weather conditions.

CICLOVATION Advanced Leather Touch - Steampunk CAMO BRONZE

SKU: 3620.26620
  • Level : Advanced

    Material : Leather Touch, Organic Gel padded

    Length : 2000 mm

    Width : 30 mm

    Thickness : 3.0 mm

    Plug : VORTEX, Lock-in

    Finish Tape : Included

    Quantity : 1 Pair

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