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  • Affordable and aerodynamic alloy bull horn that’s designed for time-triallists, triathletes and iron-distance athletes.
  • The Bull Horn Alloy is constructed from 7075 aluminum, with a significantly higher strength-to-weight ratio than many other alloys, delivering a light cockpit from which to pedal fast.
  • 7075 aluminium has a strength comparable to many steels and is incredibly durable.
  • The bull-horn shape provides the perfect platform and surface area to rest your hands on when not down on your Controltech clip-on aerobars.
  • Is 31.8mm wide where the stem clamps the bars for added strength without a weight penalty.
  • Suitable for use with pursuit-style levers.
  • Weighs just 260g


SKU: RAS499W400
    • Made For: Time-trial and triathlon
    • Material: 7075 aluminium
    • Bar Diameter: 31.8mm
    • Bar Width: 400m
    • Cable Routing: External, grooved
    • Weight: 260g
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