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ICETOOLZ 11C1/3/5/7 BB Installation Tool

SKU: 11f4
  • ․ 3/8" square hole can use for combining torque wrench & storing on the wall.
    ․ No need to dismantle crank arm, you can lock the BB adaptor directly.
    11C1:16-Notch 44mm O.D. cups
    11C3:16-Notch 41mm O.D. cups
    11C5:16-Notch 39mm O.D. cups
    11C7:12-Notch  46mm O.D. cups

  • ․ Product Dimensions : 15x8x0.4cm
    ․ Weight : 0.31kgs
    ․ Color : Silver / Black
    ․ Material : Cr-Mo Steel

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