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1200 lumen LED bike light RN 1200 is an all in one design bike headlight with a well rounded beam pattern for road, a verticle softening/cutoff and reverse charging capability.

RN1200 offers 3 brightness modes at 300, 600 and 1200 lumens with a slightly netural/warm tone to the beam with very soft edges. Its beam spread is slightly wide than the MJ-900 and Allty 1000 with a obvious softening effect on the upper vertical side. Two flash settings are included at 0 – 600 and 0 – 900 lumens. Runtime ranges from 1.5 hours to 7 hours depending on mode. Battery indicator built into the power switch with green: 20% or above, red: less than 20% and flashing red for less than 10% remaining.

RN 1200 bike headlight is rechargeable via USB-C and is capable of reverse charging your compatible mobile devices. You will need a Type-C adapter cable such as TYPE-C to Lightning. Internal battery is 1x 21700 cell with 4000mAh capacity, this battery is not replaceable.

RN 1200 LED bike light is compatible with Garmin quarter turn style mounting mechanism and comes with a handlebar mount with straps for most bar sizes.


SKU: RN1200
    • 1200 lumen max output, 3 power modes 300 – 600 – 1200 lumens
    • 2 flash modes at 0 – 600 lumens and 0 – 900 lumens
    • 21700 integrated battery with 4000mAh capacity
    • Type-C fast charging and reverse charging your USB devices
    • IPX7 waterproof, functional under 6 ft of water for up to 30 minutes
    • Garmin handlebar mount, Garmin Gopro adapter included by default
    • 172g in weight
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