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This Super Narrow HG-X11 directional chain offers precise shifting and improved durability thanks to SHIMANO's SIL-TEC treatment on the inner plate surfaces.


SKU: ICNHG60111116
    • System engineered drivetrain component for optimal power transfer Inner-plate treated with SHIMANO's ultra-low friction surface treatment “SIL-TEC” (inner plate) Same durability as current 10-speed chain Smooth and precise front and rear shifting Directional chain
    • SIL-TEC SHIMANO’s ultra-low friction surface treatment Superior to simple coating, SIL-TEC is an advanced plating process that improves system performance through the use of imbedded fluorine particles. SIL-TEC products run smoother and wear longer in all conditions
    • HG_X11 Silky driving, accurate shifting HG-X11 directional chain realize more smoother shifts and greater overall performance. Right and left sides are optimized for front and rear shifting respectively.
    • Speed-11 Speed
    • Links- 116 Links
    • Weight- 257g
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